Yes only one thing is in this universe that matter is YOU. Who are you? Keep your identity aside and think about it for a minute. Empty subconscious mind, no clue! If I asked for your best friend then you can have at least some points to share. Have you ever tried to think about you? It’s not your fault we are living in the era in which we can only see others mistakes, success, money and lifestyle. And the most disappointing fact is that we start comparing us with others, dreaming of their wealth, lifestyle and skills, and thought that “I wish, I could also have that”. You will only get disappointments because you are unique and trust me no one like you exit in this world if you modify yourself day by day, hours by hours, minute by minute, moments by moments. We are busy with faking our personality.

There is a huge misconception between us that if you will do this then:

  • Perception of others?
  • If somehow you failed then…
  • I can not do this.

Lets take deep breathe and start clearing all these misconceptions.

Perception of others:

In the very beginning when you have started something new then people start criticizing you. Most often it happens, because everybody has perception of everything. Keep this in mind “They did not have that much level of thinking and guts that you do have. They will only say you can not do this because they can not do the same. Let them think what they want. Do not yell out anything at that time, keep your work in progress, you success, dedication, hard work will echo some day”. This is your work and progress never let anyone interfere in between.

If somehow you failed then:

Really is this what you think then let me know when you were in your childhood then “had you started walking without being fall”. It’s a learning process when you fall once then you will try your best to stand. Same is here in case of failure and success. You may fail once, twice or many times but if you will keep trying then you will WIN.
You have the ability to do anything, anywhere but the most important thing is that you have to keep believing in you as well as the universe. Say it loud if I can think it then I will definitely achieve it.

I can’t do this:

Your ability and skills are hidden, all you have to scratch this through you efforts and hard work. Have you ever experienced the inner being through we get eternal peace and self satisfaction. Ask your inner being before doing anything, if it aggress then you should go for that. Trust me if you do anything with all your heart and efforts you can do anything. Its up to you whether you want to do it or not. We always procrastinate each and every important work in our life. Start doing and do not care about consequences.

Your happiness is very important for you, your family and your loved ones, do not let the third person ruin it. Start improving yourself today do not postpone it for tomorrow. Do what makes you feel good. Always carry a smile on your face and be grateful for what you have. “Let others think about you, all they have is their limited mentality its none of your business. You are you and that should be enough for you”


Everything in this world is somehow connected with IMAGINATION whether we are talking about a discovery or a person’s success. All started with a thought that emerges in mind. We all aware of this fact ” What you imagine, you create”. What you feel you will have in future. We do have options to attract joy and sorrow. We cannot resist this ongoing process thinking but we can do one thing is Think Postive. Suppose you have two options available:

  • First one is having joy, success, happiness, positivity, desired destiny, peace, love, prosperity, a good health and blessings.
  • Another is having sorrow, negativity, disappointment, frustration, Injuries, debts, worries and jealousy.

You will choose first one within a fraction of a second. That’s exactly what you supposed to do. Think about all the things mentioned in first bullet point. When you think about it then you will definitely attract. In this way, the law of attraction works.When you do not have a choice of anything then you should go with one which has an effect on your life. Thought to creates a huge impact on your life.It’s been an ongoing process of mind. As we know that everything started with Imagination weather its a dream or your success. You are the CREATOR and PREDATOR of your own thought. Let’s have some real-life experiences when you are feeling low on days or night, having a bad phase of life. Instantly start thinking about the good phase of your life, the memories which make you feel good, exotic moments when you do that you will be replacing yourself from feeling bad with feeling wonderful. You are allowing happiness to make feel good. I will tell you about this amazing phenomenon. In this universe, there’s a concept of good and bad, pros and cons, positivity and negativity, light and dark & joy and sorrow. We all have to keep one thing in mind that

  • Life never persists with dark
  • Joy and sorrow, this duo never will flow together
  • positivity and negativity cannot be there at the same time.

It’s a fact that positive thought and negative thought can never be inside your subconscious mind at the same time. When you will be thinking good thoughts you will be attracting the same while you are having a bad thought. It’s simple. IMAGINATION is the process of CREATION. If you can imagine anything then I am assuming you can have that in your life. It will come to you when you put efforts.A bunch of problems will never be sufficient to break the wall of my happiness” #insideme

Life at glance

What do you think when this term “LIFE” strikes in your mind.
Is it about being dead and alive ?
I think in most of the case our perspectives are same.But If you try to dive inside this term LIFE you will get familiar with the most important thing is TRUTH and REALITY. Starting from your birth till you death there lies a wish into you.
When we are in age of 5-10 we only do have only one thing mind that there is only two people in earth “MOTHER” , “FATHER” .
When we are in our 20s we somehow a little familiar with this beautiful world.
This is the age where we all have all the wishes and future plans but do we know ? We already have destiny. We can plan everything but cannot accomplish all the

/ a wishes.Because there is a bitter truth lies within this your fortune. I read it somewhere ” FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE”.
This is a lit I mean we do have courage , mind ,enthusiasm but we cannot go far with that.
Life somehow takes you there, where you have never ever dare to imagine yourself.It can anything it has its own plan.You cannot do anything. We humans got the biggest gift of humanity BRAIN . BRAIN through this we can imagine anything we want.
Life is like a boat and all the hindrances are tides of water you have to row your boat along with that.You will go where life wanted you to be but don’t forget to love it. Perks lie within you.If anything is important in life it would be happiness.
Find a reason to smile or be the reason for someone’s smile. Live it now , do what you want, go and experience everything.Satisfaction is more important in life,we want more and more.We all have to keep one thing in mind what we have more than sufficient.Abundance of anything will be there if you will grateful for having that thing.Don’t let you IMAGINATION trap inside you skull. Live,laugh,create memories now do not wait for other.Life is like a river as I depicted above who knows what lies in that sore.

  • Find yourself in this lost world.


  • It’s just not a word but a feeling which we somehow forgot to express. Showing gratitude can take our inner being to an infinite, not ending joy which certainly gives satisfaction, happiness, life, smile, joy, eternal peace, healing, wondering. It’s a phenomenon through which we can explore the extreme power of universe as well as our. Start your day today with most amazing phenomenon GRATITUDE carry this wherever you go. Do what make you feel better.

A great day is waiting for you to make it better than better ever. Go and find peace. Think about it. Certainly you are going to get something amazing which you never expected or experienced before.